Commonly Asked Questions About Orthotics

Orthotic Questions

Whether it is walking to the bus stop, standing on your feet at work, or running in your free time, puts pressure on your feet. You may also suffer from a physical or biomechanical ailment that can affect your lower extremities and requiring additional support. In either case getting custom molded orthotics could be a long-term solution. Getting a custom molded orthotic can help with foot and leg alignment, reducing pain feet; as well as, protecting the feet of people with diabetes and arthritis.

Personal Orthotics


  • Custom means the orthotic is specific to each specific foot. Modifications can be made depending on your specific problem. What will take place is a dynamic gait analysis; as well as, he non-weight-bearing image of your foot in its neutral position where it functions best.
  • Your custom orthotics should be worn frequently. Upon receipt, we suggest wearing them just a few hours during the day until your foot adjust to the changes. Eventually, you will be able to wear them for the entire day.
  • Typically custom orthotics work best in a closed shoe. By closed shoe we mean items such as sneakers, hiking shoes, work boots, or dress shoes.
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