Heel Pain


467621441 (1)Usually begins with pain when first getting up; either in the morning or after periods of rest. Most heel pain is the results of falling arches creating excessive flattening and straining of the plantar facial ligament.

These people will often describe knee, hip, and lower back pain from poor shock absorption. A true custom orthotic, made with the foot in its neutral position, will realign and support the foot; relieving excessive strain from the ligaments and tendons. This improves the posture and shock absorption your feet were intended to provide. Approximately 2 1/2 times your body weight lands on each foot during the normal walking cycle. Orthotics are over 90% predictable for alleviating heel pain and preventing heel spur surgery.

Let one of our certified team members evaluate your foot structure and function. Our stores have a state of the art gait analysis which will provide real time information during the entire gait cycle. During one gait cycle there are over 1000 images available demonstrating pressure changes as weight transfers from heel strike to toe off. Providing information not only about areas of excessive pressure and poor function, but allowing you to see real changes with your orthotic. We offer a complete line of affordable therapeutic shoes merging fashion and comfort. Our shoes provide extraordinary relief and support without compromising fashion. We are the experts in foot function. Allowing you to enjoy your life the way you want to. A strong foundation provides a lifetime of mobility!

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