I am so thankful that you made me these orthotics.  my feet used to hurt so much that I didn’t wanna walk.  After breaking in the orthotics my life has become so much easier.  I am amazed they took away the pain.  I appreciate being able to get back to my life now that you have relieved my pain.

Patty B. Pittsburgh, PA


I used to wake up every morning having to hold onto furniture because of the pain in my right heel.  After visiting Footlife were they evaluated my gait, and made me an orthotic specifically for my foot; I no longer experience that pain in the morning.  It’s hard to believe with that orthotic  I am now able to do things that I have not done in a long time. Thank you

Paul W. Murrysville, PA


I am able to go to my grandson’s soccer game without having the pain in my ankles that made it so hard to walk across the field.  Thanks!!! It feels so good to enjoy my family.

Christine P.  Oakland, PA


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