Why Shoe Selection Matters

Selecting the right shoe is an important step towards correcting foot problems and preventing walking or running related injuries.

Running Shoes

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  • The athletic shoe industry in the past 30 years has made great strides in understanding shoe construction as it relates to injury prevention; both overuse as well as stress injuries.
  • As a general rule, walkers and runners should replace their shoes every 300 to 500 miles as the shoe begins to break down.
  • Ultimate goal is to provide the correct amount of cushioning and support
  • 2 related patterns of injury
    • Stress-Related: Stress fractures are clearly influenced by the cushioning systems of a shoe
    • Motion-Related: Excess motion, particularly pronation, puts the foot at greater risk for injury, tendinitis, arch pain, joint pain, deformities, etc…

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Comfort Shoes

Do you suffer from corns, calluses, bunions, hammertoes, or other conditions that make it uncomfortable to wear shoes? Over 80 to 90% of all foot problems do not require surgery; if you can recognize and control the foot early on through a custom molded orthotic device and appropriate shoegear. This can prevent surgery in the future. We offer a complete line of affordable shoes merging fashion and comfort. Our shoes provide extraordinary relief and support without compromising fashion. We are the experts in foot function. Allowing you to enjoy your life the way you want to. A strong foundation provides a lifetime of mobility!

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